6 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score Without Going into Debt

6 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score Without Going into Debt

Many Say that the credit score is just a debit score, well this perception is true up to one level. Your credit score completely depends on how well you manage your debt. If you have a long bad history with your debts and you are planning to rebuild your credit, it is not a good idea. Why go into debt why take risks and why face the challenges to build the credit score. Rather than that say completely a big "NO" to debt and build your credit score. Yes, you can build your credit score without going into debt. To build your credit score without going in the hole our financial guru will help you out. Follow these steps to build your credit without debt.

Add-on Rent and Utility Payments to Your Reports

  • Apparently, all credit reports are meant to check how you manage and bill in a responsible manner or not.
  • Remember that not every bill you pay gets reported to the credit bureaus.
  • Especially the rent and utility bills do not get reported to the credit bureaus as the landlord or other providers do not report to the bureaus.
  • So, here you must check on and get alerted and try to report your credit bureau so your credit score could be upgraded.
  • Try to add every bill you do add it on and get it reported to the credit bureaus, this will establish your credit.

Pay off Current Debt

  • Paying off debts will potentially help you build your credit. By doing so you will reduce your credit utilization, which will take your score to the positive sides.
  • Though it's difficult to pay off all the debt at one step is not easy, but you could make it easy with time, try to pay off the maximum you can. It would be something rather than nothing.

Examine Your Credit Reports for Errors

  • Checking your reports for errors and resolving them is one of the potential ways to boost your credit score without incurring of debt.
  • Investigating your reports regularly, many financial bureaus provide credit reports for free.
  • These reports will help you know your financial habits and where all your income goes.
  • While checking your report if you spot any mistake during your investigations, you could check with your issuer and get solved it, that will take boost your credit.

Become an Authorized User

  • If you are not ready for your very own card, try to become an authorized user.
  • Ask your family members or friends and become an authorized user and enjoy the results.
  • The only thing you must check is the person you ask for is responsible for paying bills or not. Because if the person tends to do late payments or miss payments you could also end up with negative remarks on your report.
  • Also, make sure that the credit card company reports on the authorized user, if it has not done, then there will be no impact on your credit report.

Get a Credit Card

  • Availing your credit card and using it responsibly is one of the easiest things to build your credit without going into debt.
  • It may look like a contradiction but, it can be useful if you pay off your balance each month on time and you will never run into debt.
  • Instead, you could gain some potential credit boosting benefits by getting a card.
  • If you are a responsible cardholder, your credit card is your best partner to build your credit with multiple benefits as perks.

Take out a credit-builder loan

  • A credit loan does not work like a typical loan it's just like a forced savings account.
  • It works like you borrow some amount and a small sum of the money will be secured by the bank in a deposit account.
  • Later you will pay the loan in regular instalments over the course of time.
  • As soon as the loan is repaid the funds in the accounts will be released. These fees are worth paying in order and help you establish good credit score.

Bottom Line

Credit cards are convenient to use with multiple benefits, but the tables may turn against you if you are not a responsible cardholder. If you pay off the balance on time, then you will be building your credit score and you will not go into debt. To avoid debt to gain good credit score investigate your credit reports, add rent and utility payments to your reports, become an authorized user these hacks will build your credit scores and will keep you away from debt.