Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card Review

Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card Review

Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card is one of the best credit cards from the Citi Bank, that offers direct cashback rather than reward points unlike other credit cards. This credit card offers cashback on both online and offline transactions. Here we represent your honest review of the Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card, also features and benefits of the credit card. The Card holder can get cashback on utility bill payments, movie tickets, dining privileges. This review will help you utilize most of the card and help you decide whether to go with the card or not.

Charges and Fees of Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card:

  • Annual fee - Rs 500/-
  • Extended Credit Charge - up to 37.20% to 42.00% per annum
  • Cheque/ECD/ACH Bounce Charge - Rs 500/- per returned instrument.
  • Stolen/Damaged Card/ Reissue of lost card charge - Rs 100/-
  • Advance Cash Charge - 2.5% of the amount

Benefits and Features of the Cashback Credit Card:

Cashback offers-

  • Get 5% cashback on movie tickets, telephone bill payments, other utility bill payments.
  • Get 0.5% cashback on all other spending.
  • Save 5% on spending Rs 4000/-

Dining benefits-

  • Get up to 15% discount at the partnered restaurants.

EMI Conversion-

  • Citibank cashback credit card offers the option of converting big purchases into easy EMIs. Option of Tap and Pay-
  • Smooth online transactions can be made just with Tap and Pay option with Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card

Drawbacks of Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card:

  • No travel benefits.
  • No fuel benefits.
  • Cashback is the only feature.

Bottom Line:

Citi bank Cashback Credit Card is the beginner level credit card with the only feature of cashback. In the market there are many other Cashback credit cards like SBI Elite Credit Card, HDFC Bank MoneyBack Card , American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card , HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card, SCB Manhattan Platinum Credit Card etc., with low annual fee offering Cashback and multiple benefits. If you are a beginner and want a credit card with low annual fee and want direct cashback unlike the other cards that offer rewards on spending’s and that can be redeemed later, for those kinds of users the Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card is a good option has they can get Cashback directly on spending made on transactions, food, and movies.