Creating a budget.

Creating a budget.

What is the budget?

A budget is a plan that tells you how to spend the money over a particular period. Basically, having a budget is to decide the amount of money spent each month. This will help you to control your spending and track the amount of money you can save every month. Without a budget, you will overspend and may run out of money before your next month's pay.

In general budget = Total Income per month - Total Money spent per month

Why do I need a Budget?

It helps you decide how much to spend on a particular item and the remaining can be saved. The budget helps you avoid spending money on unnecessary things and save the rest of the money.

Why should you save money?

Money is always needed anytime, anywhere for every one of us. You never know when unexpected things may happen, when you need money at that time the money you have saved will help you. Always saving money will give you peace of mind and you can plan your future. So it is necessary to save money.

How to start a budget?

  • Know your income
  • Gather all your bills and pay stubs
  • Note all your expenses
  • Now subtract total expenses you have spent from your income
  • If your money balance is "ZERO" you are spending more money than your income.
  • Check for the things (Unnecessary) try to trim those or spend less on those.
  • Now make a budget worksheet for further use to keep your budget on track.

How to use a budget?

  • A budget is a plan that how you spend money every month
  • Track where you spend your money
  • Check where you can save money
  • Now from the budget plan where to spend and where to save money.
  • The money you have saved from your budget will help you during emergencies or buy expensive things, and for other dreams to fulfill. We know money is a solution to money problems, hence we try to save money, so the budget is the main thing to begin, to save money for the future.