Digital Gold is one of the easiest, convenience and cost-effective method of purchasing gold online. Now a days these online golds purchasing procedure offers gold of 99.90% purity. Digital Gold offers purchase, sell, and accumulate the gold anytime from the live market rates. The Digital Gold is available on different websites offers you this facility that provides 100% secured vaults, consumer can check their purchased Digital Gold in the gold locker of your holdings. This method of purchasing digital gold online allows you to purchase with as low as with small budget that is with just Rs 10/-. Unlike the usual purchase of gold, online purchasing of gold offers you liquidate, easy purchase. After purchase consumer can also sell the gold at any time and can get the money online just within five days. Digital gold that has purchase can easily be exchanged into coins or rupees. Unlike the usual or offline mode of gold purchase the online purchase of gold offers zero making charges which is also a plus for the consumer. The consumer can get access to know the clear pricing both while selling and purchase of gold.

What are the Key features of Digital Gold?

  • 100% Secure - Digital Gold is secured in trustee and independent vaults.
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Zero Making Charges
  • Easy Selling
  • Easy purchase
  • Diversify
  • Easy Exchange

How to Buy Digital Gold?

Step 1 -

Enter the desired purchase amount to purchase gold.

Step 2 -

Place your order by using UPI or Net banking at the price window.

Step 3 -

Check your gold holdings in your gold locker.

How to sell your digital gold?

Step 1-

Current selling price will be displayed on the site, now enter the units that you wish to sell.

Step 2-

Go to the price window and select sell option.

Step 3-

Confirm your request and proceed to sell.

Step 4-

Check your online gold locker, the status will be reflected and updated to your account.