HDFC Bank Doctor's Superia Credit Card Review

HDFC Bank Doctor's Superia Credit Card Review

HDFC Bank Doctor's Superia Credit Card is one of the best credit cards packed with huge benefits like air Miles, accelerated reward points for doctors. This doctor's special credit card of HDFC Bank with a low annual fee of Rs 1000/- which can be waived off just by spending Rs 1 lakh in a year. Here is our verdict on the HDFC Bank Doctor's Credit Card, that help you understand it is benefits and features clearly, so you could make all of it.

Benefits and Features of HDFC Bank Doctor's Superia Credit Card:

  • Get 1000 bonus reward points as welcome gift.
  • Profit 1000 reward points as renewal benefit
  • On every Rs 150/- spent earn 3 reward points
  • Get 50% rewards on dining at the picked restaurants.
  • Get insurance coverage up to Rs 20 lakhs (Terms Apply)
  • The Doctor's Superia Credit Card offer the option of conversion of rewards to airmiles (667 Rewards equal to 100 airmiles)

HDFC Bank Doctor's Superia Credit Card Drawbacks:

  • It does not offer direct airmiles rewards.
  • No golf access.
  • High foreign curr5 markup fee
  • As it is a Doctor's specific card, only doctors should apply.
  • Reward points expire if not redeemed within 2 years.

Fees and Charges of HDFC Bank Doctor's Superia Credit Card:

  • Annual Fee - Rs 1000/-
  • Joining Fee - Rs 1000/- (Waived off if spent Rs 15,000/- within 90 days of card issuance)
  • Add on card fee - Nil.
  • Minimum Repayment Amount - Rs 200/- of the amount
  • Interest Rate - 43.2p% per year
  • Cash withdrawal fee - Rs 500/- of the amount
  • Payment Return Charges - Rs 450/- of the amount.
  • Overlimit charges - Rs 550/- of the amount
  • Cash processing fee - Rs 100/-
  • Foreign currency Transaction Fee - 3.5% of the amount

Bottom Line:

This credit card is specially designed by the HDFC Bank only for doctor's who are looking for only reward points with a low annual fee with the insurance coverage. But there are many other credit cards in the market with the low annual fee, along with huge benefits like airmiles, rewards, cashback, and many other advantages. So, the credit card user must take a survey of the credit cards available in the market and must choose as per their taste to make the most of the credit card benefits.