HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card Benfits

HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card Benfits

The Diners Club Black Credit Card is one of the Uber Premium Credit Card with the HDFC Bank. This card is powered by the Diners Club International. This is the first independent credit card company that issues credit card and charge cards. Diners Club Black Credit Card comes packed with unlimited benefits and multiple facilities. This card saves up to 33% on the travel of the cardholder, rewards and many more offers comes with it which makes it to choose among the other cards in the market.

Benefits of HDFC Diners Black Credit Card:


  • Earn 3.3% reward points on all retail spends.
  • Earn 33% 10X Rewards points on partners & Smartbuy Lounge Access -
  • Get unlimited access to both domestic and international lounges at the airport across the world. Golf Privileges -
  • It is the distinct advantage that is offered by Dinners Club Black Card, it offers complimentary golf lessons across 20 golf courses in India and about 40 golf courses over the world. Credit Limit-
  • This card offers floor credit limit that is up to 4 lakhs. Normally the card holder has the limit ranging between 4 to 8 lakhs. Redemption of Reward Points- • The cardholders accrued reward points on the spending can be used for booking flights or hotels in the HDFC Diners Club Website.

Welcoming Kit-

  • Diners Black Catalog
  • Insurance Cover Docs
  • Shopping vouchers
  • Diners Black Card & Add-on Cards (on request)

What makes the Diners Black Stands Out?

This is the card that offers 10X points gained on spending’s which helps to save up to 33% on all spending's. Also, these 10X rewards gets keep on extending almost every year. Unlike the HDFC Infinia, Diners Club Card holder does not need any separate Priority pass to access at the airport lounges. And the Golf privileges, reward redemption programs and many more makes the Diners Club card stands out than the other credit cards in the market.