How to Apply SBI ATM Card

How to Apply SBI ATM Card

ATM is one of the best and convenient way of performing transactions, online payments and to go cashless in this digital era. SBI offers a variety of ATM Cards suitable for different individual depending on the spending habits. Let us here discuss about how to get or apply SBI ATM Card.

There are two methods to apply SBI ATM one is online and the other is offline method.

Offline mode of applying SBI ATM Card-

  • SBI account holder must visit the nearby SBI Bank branch
  • Get the application form to apply ATM.
  • Fill all the details required and submit to the bank manager.
  • Along with the filled application form account holder must provide photocopies of government ID proofs like Aadhaar or PAN or Voter ID, etc.
  • Once the process is completed, you will get your ATM Card by post to your respective home address.
  • After you receive your card visit the ATM branch to activate your card
  • While activating your card you will receive authentication OTP to your registered mobile number.
  • Set your own password and enjoy using your card.

Online Mode of ATM applying procedure:

  • SBI Account holder visit the SBI official website and login to the Internet banking.
  • Select the e-services option.
  • Now select ATM Card Services and click Request ATM/Debit Card
  • Now you will get an OTP to your registered mobile number.
  • After the procedure is completed click the finish button
  • Once the process is finished you will receive your card to your given address shortly via post.

What if your ATM Card is lost? And you wish to apply for new card.

  • Visit the local SBI branch and inform the bank manager that your card is either lost or stolen and request the manager to block your card first.
  • You can also block your ATM card by calling the SBI Toll Free Number
  • Call at 18004253800 or 1800 112211 SBI customer care service answers your call request them to block your card by providing the required details.
  • Now you can apply for new card.
  • You can also block your card by SMS you need to send a message like