How to make money on Facebook in 7 smart ways?

How to make money on Facebook in 7 smart ways?

Facebook allows you to earn money, isn't it fantastic. Yes, you can now earn money on Facebook in different ways. One of the best ways is to sell a set of likes with a price tag. Many people sell 1000 likes for Rs 50/-. Your Facebook earnings will depend on the demographic on which you are targeting and the type of customers you acquire. Apart from this, there are other ways where you can earn money from Facebook, you have to invest the money as a return, you will get a lot of money.

Ways to make money from Facebook

  • Earn from online Facebook Page
  • Sell products on Facebook
  • Become a Freelance Facebook Marketer
  • Become Facebook Influencer
  • Earn from Facebook Apps
  • Sell Facebook Account make money.
  • Make money from Facebook Group
  • Earn from Facebook Ads
  • Collaborate with brands and profit money

1. Earn money through a Facebook page

You can earn more than one billion from Facebook. To earn from the Facebook Fan Page follow these steps.

  • Step 1 - Find a Niche and workout on that.
  • Step 2 - Publish your content in such a way that people read and share it from your Facebook Page.
  • Step 3 - Regularly publish your content on your page, so you'll be able to stay active.
  • Step 4 - Build a marketing relationship (either through paid promotions or through sponsored posts or by posting links to other brands).
  • Step 5 - Apply to affiliate programs (ClickBank, Shareasale, Amazon,etc.) to earn more money when you have a great fan base.

2. Sell Products on Facebook

  • Earn money by selling products on Facebook.
  • Provide the product link in the link box and put the coupon code to discount the product.
  • You can attach the coupon code from the affiliate e-commerce site.
  • When people purchase products from the link, you will earn money from the affiliate site.
  • Provide a payment link over Facebook of any website, whomsoever provides you commission.
  • Provide discounts and offers over the products to earn more.
  • Promote offers with the help of advertisements containing Facebook Offers

3. Earn as a Freelance on Facebook Market

  • Become a Freelance Facebook Marketer and earn more money on Facebook.
  • To become a freelance marketer, analyze Facebook Stats.
  • Prepare a Strategic Plan.
  • Prepare and post Facebook-friendly content to improve your following to your content.

4. Be Effective

  • An influential person can earn more money with many likes and comments.
  • To start earning by interacting with fans using your profile and sign up through an influential account on or
  • After signing up fill the form and provide your profile info and charge as an influencer.

5. Earn from Facebook App

  • Develop a Facebook app independently or become a Facebook app developer and earn money.
  • Sell you your virtual items on the app.
  • Apply for banner ads to profit.
  • Sell your virtual items for gaming apps such as EA, Zynga, PopCap, etc.

6. Sell your account and earn money

  • Sell your old Facebook Page with a great Fan Base number for a good price.
  • Many marketers buy weightage accounts for promotions.
  • Create multiple accounts with a weightage fan base and sell it to profit money.

7. Money from Facebook Group

  • Create a group with a minimum of 10k followers, engage with conversation over a common niche, and post related pictures, content, and more.
  • As you have many followers in the group itself go for paid promotions
  • Sponsor your content
  • Sell products and other items over the group.
  • Go for affiliating marketing.

Conclusion: You can earn money from Facebook as there are many opportunities available. But it's not that easy to make money from Facebook as it doesn't allow you to earn over organic promotions. But still, there is a way to earn for organic promotions, it is by engaging your audiences to reach a great extent.