HSBC Visa Platinum Card Review

HSBC Visa Platinum Card Review

Credit card lovers who are looking for a Cashback credit cards with lots of benefits in return, then HSBC Visa Platinum Card is the one you must get it. Most attracting feature is that unlike the other credit cards, these credit card comes without any joining or annual fees for the users. Here are the reasons why we suggest you for HSBC Card. It is the card for those who want to save on daily and on every basic purchase like eating/dinning, fuel, grocery shopping, travel, etc. This credit card offers multiple benefits for every purchase. For instance, this card offers about 10% of cashback on all spending during the first 90 days of the card issuance, the spending limit is set to a minimum of Rs. 10,000 and a maximum of Rs. 30,000. It is a limited offer, but still, it will offer more benefits with the purchase. The more you purchase the more you will profit the benefits.

Benefits of HSBC Visa Platinum Card:

  • Credit Card lovers will love this because this card does not charge any annual or joining fees.
  • It is the great option for paying off bills on dining at the selected hotels and telecom bill payments for 12 months will gain you 3-time rewards on paying off bills.
  • On 4 lakhs spending in a year may profit you 5X rewards.
  • Get movie vouchers worth Rs 500/- once you exceed your spending of Rs 50,000/- within a month.
  • Get 20% discounts at the selected hotels in India.
  • Get surcharge waiver of 2.5% or Rs 250 on fuel spending at the selected petrol stations.

Would you suggest HSBC VISA PLATINUM Card in India?

Yes, of course I will recommend you this card. As this is the best credit card for paying off all your monthly expenses. Like dining, fuel, travel, telecom bills and get rewards on every spending. Apart from these benefits these cards come with no annual fee or joining fees.