ICICI Rubyx Credit Card Review

ICICI Rubyx Credit Card Review

Here is our honest review on the ICICI Rubyx Credit Card, that will help you analyze about the card and help you decide whether the card is ideal for you or not. ICICI Rubyx Credit Card is the first ever India's dual credit card, that is targeted on the big spenders offering wide range of benefits. The user will get two (2) credit cards with one account Mastercard variant and American Express variant. This special dual platinum credit card offers multiple benefits covering all categories like dining, travel, golf, movies, Payback points, etc., to its users, depending upon the lifestyles of the credit card user, the card offers suitable benefits and Features.

Features and benefits of the ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card:

Welcome gift-

  • Get welcome vouchers worth Rs 5000 for travel and shopping within 30 days of joining fee payment.


  • Earn Payback points on every transaction with the Rubyx Credit Card of ICICI
  • Earn 2 Payback points per Rs 100/- on Domestic spending with the ICICI Rubyx Mastercard Credit Card
  • On domestic spending Rs 100/- with the ICICI Rubyx American Express Credit Card earn 3 Payback points
  • Earn 4 points per Rs 100 on international spending’s with the ICICI Rubyx Mastercard Credit Card.
  • Earn up to 6 points per Rs 100/- on international payments with the ICICI Rubyx American Express Credit Card
  • Under insurance category get 1 payback point on ever Rs 100 spent
  • The earned reward points redeemed is equal to Rs 0.25 cash.

Entertainment Benefits-

  • On BookMyShow buy 1 ticket and get other ticket for 'Free' on any day of the week
  • Get 2 free tickets worth Rs 300 on BookMyShow per month.
  • On INOX buy 1 ticket and get other ticket for free
  • Also, INOX offers the Rubyx Credit Card user 2 free movie tickets per month worth Rs 300.

Lounge Access-

  • The ICICI Rubyx American Express Credit Card offers 2 complimentary railway lounge visits per quarter of the year.
  • Also, it offers 2 airport lounge access per quarter.
  • The ICICI Mastercard offers 2 complimentary domestic air lounge access per quarter and 2 complimentary railway lounge access per quarter.
  • Note: The lounge access is allowed in India only

Golf Privileges-

  • Get complimentary golf lessons on spending Rs 50,000 in the previous calendar month.

Annual Fee Waiver-

  • On spending Rs 3 lakhs in a year the annual fee gets waived off

Dining benefits-

  • Get up to 15% discount at the selected restaurants.

Concierge Services-

  • User will get 24X7 concierge service to take care.

Insurance coverage-

  • Get up to 1 crore Insurance coverage on air accidents.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver-

  • At any Fuel Stations get up to 1% fuel surcharge waiver.

Charges and Fees of the credit card-

  • Joining Fee- Rs 3000+GST
  • Annual Fee (Next year/Second year onwards)- Rs 2000 + GST
  • Over limit Charges- Rs 500 over the limit amount
  • Cash Advance Fee - Minimum of Rs 300
  • Finance Charges- 3.40% per month
  • Redemption Fee - Rs 99

Late Payment fee-

  • Between Rs 100 to Rs 500, then Rs 100 is charged.
  • Between Rs 501 to Rs 10,000 then Rs 500 charged
  • For amount above Rs 10,000 then Rs 750 charged

Bottom Line:

It is very clear that the ICICI Rubyx Credit Card offers great benefits but, the annual fee is a bit higher. Apart from the benefits, the Rubyx Credit Card has some drawbacks like no international lounge access, also the entertainment benefits are uncertain, and one can enjoy the benefits on crossing the milestone spending for annual about Rs 3 lakhs. This credit card is ideal for heavy or high spending categories but not for budget friendly categories.