Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card Review

Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card Review

Citi Bank in partnership with Indian Oil has launched a special co-branded credit card especially for those users who are looking for a fuel credit card that help to purchase fuel and to earn fuel points also the card holder can earn the turbo points on fuel purchases. Continue reading to find out more about the Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card.

Benefits of the Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card:

  • Cardholder can earn up to 71 liters of petrol for free annually.
  • On every Rs 150/- spent on fuel will get the user 4 turbo points
  • Also, the credit card user can earn 2 turbo points on spending Rs 150/- on grocery purchases at shopping at supermarkets.
  • Cardholder is offered with 1% of fuel surcharge at the authorized Indian Oil pump stations.
  • On purchases made within first 30 days of the card issuance, the user will get 250 turbo points.
  • Welcome gift, on first spend on fuel with the card will offer you free petrol worth Rs 250/-
  • On dining save up to 20% at the partnered restaurants
  • On other spending’s earn 1 turbo point on every Rs 150/- spent
  • The earned turbo points can be redeemed and can purchase fuel using the turbo points.
  • The earned reward points never expire.
  • At Indian Oil outlets save up to 5% on fuel
  • Annual fee of Rs 1000/- gets waived off just by spending Rs 30,000/- annually.
  • Movie privileges for every ticket purchased on Sunday shows at selected multiplexes.

Limitations of the Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card:

  • Fuel discount is available only at the Indian Oil outlets only.
  • Fuel surcharge capping lower than expected.
  • Annual fee is comparatively high than the other fuel cards.

Charges and Fees of the Citi Indian Oil Credit Card:

  • Annual fee - Rs 1000/-
  • Extended Credit Charge - 39% per annum
  • Over limit Charges - 2.5% of the amount over the credit limit
  • Cash advance fee - 2.5% of the amount

Bottom Line:

This fuel credit card is a best option for those who are a frequent fuel purchaser who commutes on daily basis, also the fuel purchases from the Indian Oil outlets. This Indian Oil Citi Platinum Credit Card is the best fuel credit card in the market with great reward program with no expiry, and the earned turbo points can redeem to purchase other products like free fuel, other products from the Lifestyle stores, travel. Finally, if are a good fuel purchaser then this card is a right option for you