Launching CreditHita!

Launching CreditHita!

Why CreditHita?

Recently I was in a situation, I came back from the USA and was in the market for shopping a new credit card. I could not find a place where I can view and choose the right card that works for my lifestyle. Everyone knows that using a credit card is convenient whether you shop online, purchase in-store, pay a utility bill, fill fuel, watch movies or eat outside. These days you can use credit cards for almost all your transactions. So what makes it so difficult to choose a credit card? I could have jumped quickly and applied for any credit card. Right? The answer is simply no. Why? Applying for any credit card is easy but finding the right one is difficult. The reason is a right card gets you a lot of benefits from reward points, to cashback, to travel deals, to instant discounts, to lounge accesses, etc. There are credit cards that even provide insurance. So based upon your spending habits and lifestyle finding the best card is a challenge.


You can ask why was it so difficult for me to choose? As every bank has dedicated pages for credit cards and there are websites where one can search through all bank credit cards and compare them. The problem with these existing sites -

  • Not Enough Information
  • Too Much Information
  • Emotional Attachments
  • Biased and influential reviews

You already have to make so many decisions while shopping, dining, and traveling. Before you can start spending you have to make your first decision about which credit card to own. People often see that they find it hard to make decisions. Decisions are made through either intuition or reasoning or a combination of both. Some people put off making decisions by endlessly searching for more information or getting other people to offer their recommendations. Others resort to decision-making by taking a vote or tossing a coin.

So how did I chose? What process did I follow to pick the right one? I went to my toolkit to pick and apply a traditional approach. I opened an excel sheet to list down all the potential cards on one side and written their features, benefits, offers, etc in a very simple and minimal format, with that I was able to quickly and easily decide on which card to own. So I asked couple of my friends, how can we help others to make one such decision easy and simple? how can we make my simple and intuitive approach available for others?

CreditHita is our answer to these questions.


CreditHita: Credit + Hita (Hita is the Sanskrit word for "good advice")


Our Goal

  • To make it easy and simple to chose right card.
  • To build an active community of users who can help each other.

Our Approach

Provide credit card details at the fingertips in a minimal and simple way to let our users make effective decisions.

Our Services

  • Review credit cards and provide our unbiased opinions.
  • Recommend credit cards to our users based on their personal needs and lifestyle.
  • Continuously research and publish our reviews, rankings, and ratings for all credit cards.

Our Plan for Future

  • Ability to compare different cards
  • Enable users to rank and review credit cards.
  • Allow users to type in their monthly expenses in a rewards calculator which will recommend cards.
  • Card recommendations based on lifestyle.

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