Pay later is your new credit card

Pay later is your new credit card

Paylater is the new digital payment option similar to a credit card. Using it you can make purchases today and make the payments within the specified period. There are several Paylater products available in India and the time period is different based on the payment option you choose. The payment days vary from 15 to 45 days with no interest charged.

What if I say you need to make one less decision when you shop online. While you are at the checkout there is no need to think about which credit card has sufficient balance to make the purchase, instead these pay later options allow you to do shopping seamlessly and pay all the bills in one go. All your bills can be summed up and can be paid in one single payment which allows the user to track all the expenses under one roof.

It is very easy to sign up for these payment options and there is no lengthy approval process and wait for the physical card to arrive by post. All these apps or payment options can be activated by providing PAN and AADHAR card details and you will receive OTP to the mobile number registered to the AADHAR Card and once you enter the OTP to verify your details and complete the registration. Once you verify you OTP your approved limits will be displayed on the screen within a few minutes of registration.

If you are exhausted of tracking too many credit cards, tracking payments, due dates and tired of tracking expiry dates and renewal process then Paylater is for you. You don't need to go fill a lengthy application and submit necessary documentation, signatures. Finding the right card is never easy and you don't need to spend time finding cards with no annual fees if you are just looking for a credit option that allows you to buy now and pay later.

Paylater products available in India:


LAZYPAY comes with “Buy Now. Pay Later” and Personal Loan options. Through the Buy Now Pay Later feature, Lazypay offers payment options on more than 250+ websites and Apps. The shopping can be done directly selecting the Lazypay feature on the payment screen or buying a voucher to shop on the website.

Shopping directly with Lazypay

  • Select your favourite website/App for shopping, in the checkout page select Lazypay on checkout and finish the payment by using OTP.
  • The payments made as full payments are due in 15 days. By grouping all the bills, the total amount can be converted into easy EMI at zero cost.
  • EMI options come with affordable interest rates, which needs to be requested through online and approval confirmation will be received through SMS or email.

Shopping using the voucher applied on Lazypay website

  • Goto Lazypay website
  • Select your favourite online store on Lazypay website and choose the amount you want to shop for.
  • Apply online 3/6/9/12 month EMI plans and activate your credit limit.
  • Once activated. you will receive your voucher code against your credit line. redeem the code on the brand's website.


Epaylater has come up with a problem-solving solution to emerge in a unique way in this paylater platform. Epaylater has a tie up with Indian railways to bring 'BUY NOW & PAY LATER’ ability while booking train tickets. Especially at the time of tatkal ticket booking, as we know the tatkal booking is time-sensitive and each and every second is important at the time of payment. By selecting other payment options the booking might be delayed and you may miss the ticket. Through Epaylater the payment will be hazel free and can be quick. This comes with an interest free credit term of 14 days. Along with Indian railways, this payment service can be used among many other options as well like MOJO Pizza, Box8, PVR, Goodbox, DocsApp, IXIGO, TravelYari and many more.

Simpl Pay later

Simpl Pay later works for purchases that are simple and regular like groceries. Your billing cycle is bi-monthly (Twice a Month). Transactions done from 1 - 15th are billed on 15th and transactions done from 16 - Month End are billed on the last day of the month. It also allows you to pay the bill within the billing cycle as well through a mobile application or web application by going to the payment screen and selecting the payment option to clear the due.

Comes with a feature Skip Paying again & again. Pay ONE BILL Instead.

The service can be availed at many online merchants like Fassos, Bigbasket, Zomato, Dunzo, Quick Ride, Furlenco, Practo, Freshmenu and many more.

Flipkart Paylater

Flipkart comes with the tagline, Buy now and Paylater option that enables the customer to build confidence in online purchases. Using Filpkart Paylater customers will pay for the purchases after experiencing and knowing the quality of the product.

Flipkart provides customers with a credit limit of ₹5000 to ₹10000 which has to be paid within 40 days. The billing cycle is the 10th of every month. Late payments will be liable for the fees and further deactivation of the account.

Flipkart Paylater can only be used on Flipkart and only available on a limited product range. This option can also be utilized on myntra website. However, customers can activate the Flipkart paylater option on PhonePe by going to mymoney menu in PhonePe. Which allows customers to avail pay-later options on many more merchants using PhonePe as a payment option.

Amazon Pay Later

Buy Now Pay at your Convenience. Amazon provides a maximum credit limit of up to ₹60,000 for each account. This feature can only be utilized for shopping done on Amazon app/site. If you are planning to convert credit card transactions into EMI, then if you make those transactions using Amazon pay converting these transactions into EMIs is very easy. Any transaction can be converted to EMI at the time of payment.

Using Amazon Paylater you cannot buy these products on the Amzon website/appt:

  • Jewelry
  • Amazon Pay Gift Card and Amazon Pay balance top-up
  • Products from Amazon Global Store or Out of Country or Overseas Merchants
  • Bullion (Gold and Silver)
DurationMin - Max AmountPayment Option
1 month₹0 - ₹10kBuy Now, Pay Next Month
3 months₹3K - ₹30kBuy Now, Pay in EMIs
6 months₹6K - ₹60kBuy Now, Pay in EMIs
9 months₹6K - ₹60kBuy Now, Pay in EMIs
12 months₹6K - ₹60kBuy Now, Pay in EMIs

Credit card vs BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later)

Both the options have their own Pros and Cons. Credit cards, on one hand as a physical card can be used anywhere, and will be very helpful in emergency purposes. You can withdraw cash on a credit card and can also be paid through EMIs. Credit cards also offer benefits like rewards, Lounge access, Travel Insurance, Cash backs, discounts , Movie tickets offers and many more benefits. Find out detailed guides on best credit cards, best travel cards, best cashback cards. On the other Hand BNPL can only be used on digital platforms and the credit limit will be lower compared to credit cards and cant be useful in emergency purposes.

Application process

Applying for a credit card is a little time-consuming process as we have to provide the required documents like income proof, identity and fill a lengthy application, wait for the approval and the arrival of the card by post. Whereas BNPL is hassle-free which can be applied sitting at home through a mobile application, by providing PAN and AADHAR Card details. and does not require income proofs.

Credit Limit

Credit limit will be higher for a credit card when compared to the BNPL option, and it will be based on your income, usage and your good payment history. Usually after using the credit cards for certain time banks increase the credit card limit.


Credit card as a physical card can be used at millions of locations anywhere in the world on the other hand BNPL is a growing industry and as of now limited to only online purchases and it's hard to find usage in a physical stores.

Late Payments

Both credit cards and BNPL has its own consequences on late payments, which will have fines and Interest charges and credit score will be impacted. Your credit card or BNPL account will be deactivated on repeated payments defaults.


Credit cards offer many benefits like cashbacks, travel insurance, discounts and airport lounge access, and many more. whereas Buy Now and Pay Later doesn't provide any perks.

Overall BNPL is an option if you are looking for convenience and not looking to earn while you spend.