Universal Account Number

Universal Account Number

Universal Account Number or UAN is generated and allotted by Employee Provident Fund Organization which is authenticated by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, this a unique code is provided for every employee who is contributing to the EPF, by the government of India. As EPF service is operated online UAN is very important as the whole process is linked to the unique number with UAN the individual can access his/her personal PF account for services like withdrawal. to check the EPF balance by self, and application for a loan could be very easy with the help of UAN.

What are the Features of UAN?

  • UAN Number is permanent (remains same) for the employee even if the employee changes the job, but the employee will be provided with the new Member ID when the employee switches to a new job.
  • UAN keeps track of how many times the employee changes the job.
  • It helps in getting access to the bank and KYC of the employee with EPFO.
  • It has reduced the number of withdrawals from EPF with the introduction of UAN.
  • It makes the easy verification of the employee for the company and organization.

What is the procedure to get the UAN?

  • The individual can get UAN by 2 methods one is from the employer, and it is found on the salary slips itself, from where the employee can get the UAN.
  • The other method is one can get from the UAN portal.

Procedure to avail UAN from the official UAN portal-

  • Visit the UAN official portal. https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • Click on "Know your UAN Status”.
  • Dropdown menu will appear, select "your state" and "EPFO Office details”.
  • Provide your PF number/member ID, name, DOB/ Mobile number, Captcha Code.
  • You will receive the PIN on the provided mobile number.
  • Now enter the Pin, once finished you will receive Universal Account Number to your mobile number.

What is the procedure to activate and login to the EPFO website using UAN?

Step 1 - Visit EPFO homepage, under "Our Service Option", click "For Employees Option". http://www.epfindia.nic.in/site_en/For_Employees.php#
Step 2 - By Clicking "Member UAN/Online Service" you will get on to the UAN Portal.
Step 3 - Now enter UAN, Mobile No., PF Member ID.
Step 4 - Enter the Captcha
Step 5 - Now Click Get Authorization Pin.
Step 6 - You will receive a Pin on your Mobile No.
Step 7 - Under the disclaimer checkbox click on "I Agree".
Step 8 - Now you will get an OTP on your Mobile No., enter the OTP, and Validate it to activate your UAN.
Step 9 - Once your UAN is activated you will receive the password on your mobile.

What are the Documents required to open UAN?

  • Bank Account No., IFS Code, and Branch Name.
  • ID Proof like Aadhaar, Voter ID, PAN, Driving License, etc.
  • Address Proofs
  • PAN is compulsory as it must be linked to UAN.
  • ESIC Card.

What are the benefits of UAN?

  • It makes an easy withdrawal of PF online.
  • It helps employees to transfer PF balance online by themselves.
  • Can get PF statement any time by logging with UAN.
  • Applying for loan will be easier.
  • It is a lifelong Account number for employees making things easier like baking services and other facilities as explained above.