Why to Use Credit Card?

Why to Use Credit Card?

If you use a credit card responsibly you can fetch endless advantages by using a credit card. As credit card offers rewards, protection, and convenience. Why use credit cards? when there are other options of payments like debit cards, cash. But credit cards are the options where the consumer can purchase things without money, that is they can use the credit card company money and later can repay them. Apart from that credit card offers enticing offers than the debit cards like a reward, cashback offers, etc. If you use a credit card responsibly you will avail great offers.

How can credit cards help you get ahead of yourself? Continue to read.

  • They help in building a credit history
  • Welcoming Bonuses
  • Cash Back offers
  • Reward points
  • Protection from frauds
  • Insurance
  • Convenience
  • Frequent-Flyer Miles
  • Universal Acceptance
  • Grace Period

Help to Build Credit History

  • To borrow the money, you must build a healthy credit score that comes from your credit history. The usage of credit cards helps you build a credit history.
  • Credit card use helps you get your credit report unlike a debit card, they report to the bureaus which monitor your scores.
  • As long you use a credit card, the longer you will build your credit history and score.

Avail offers of sign-on bonuses

  • Many credit card companies offer welcoming bonuses or one-time bonuses during signing up for the card.
  • You can avail of this offer by spending a certain amount within a given period to get the bonus.

Cash Back Offers

  • Isn't it great getting money back on your purchases, this is only possible with credit card usage? If you do your purchase with cash, do you get money back, Nah. But the same purchase done with a credit card will get you a return of some money on your purchase.
  • Cashback credit cards give away some money back whenever you make some purchases.
  • Overtime these money returns will be a sizable reward in total.
  • These cash backs if used properly could be a surprise than the money you spent.

Reward Programs

  • Credit Cards offers a variety of reward programs, but you must find the reward program that suits your spending habits or the partners that you already have with your retailer.
  • Reward programs can be gained on frequent flyer cards
  • You can get a reward for the spending you do.
  • Also, at restaurants groceries, you can get reward points on your spending’s.

Protection Against Fraud

  • It's one of the biggest advantages, if anyone loses their credit card or if your card is theft and a thief is purchasing from your card, you won't lose much as credit card charges aren't withdrawn immediately.
  • As soon as you notify the card company, they will put a hold on your card and investigate.

Grace Period

  • When you make payments with your credit card the money will not go right away.
  • The money will remain in your account until the credit card bill is been paid.
  • This will be of advantage to the consumer, like the time value of money can be saved.
  • The interest-bearing checking account will be added to your account over the grace periods that will be an add on credit.


  • Credit card companies come with built-in protections like car insurance, travel insurances, product warranties, etc.
  • Check out the consumer protection offers available with your card and try to avail of your offer.

Universal Acceptance

  • Credit cards are almost universally accepted, unlike debit cards. Such as renting a car, stay in a hotel room.
  • Also, while traveling, credit cards will be a great help to do your spending’s.

When Not to Use a Credit Card

  • When you cannot pay off your credit card balance in full and on time
  • If you spend more than you cannot afford
  • If you cannot spend within the credit limit.

Credit Cards offers a variety of offers but you can avail that only when you could use them responsibly. If you cannot use them properly then you will have to pay more money in the form of interest.