Review and Comparison of Top Listed Credit Cards in India for 2020.

Review and Comparison of Top Listed Credit Cards in India for 2020.

Searching for the best credit cards which can provide you the utmost benefits in 2020? Or just checking on your present card miscellany and looking forward to optimizing it? Worry not as you have arrived upon the right article. Myself a credit card freak analyzed more than 100 credit cards present in India up to date and organized the top credit cards for 2020, and presenting you to go for the right card.

Before going into the article keep in mind that there is no such card with complete aspects suiting each and every person's needs. As the selection of the card varies looking up to their income criteria likewise spending’s, savings, Annual bill payments. But these top listed cards are with the most suiting features to the individual when compared to the rest of the cards available in the market.

Look at the below-mentioned list of cards with the most favoring elements for different individuals based on varied demands and tastes. Well, Best credit cards fall under 3 major categories Best Lifestyle Credit cards, Best Premium Credit Cards, and Best Super Premium Credit Cards.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Lifestyle Credit Cards
  2. Best Premium Credit Cards
  3. Best Super Premium Credit Cards

Top Credit Cards of 2020

Best Lifestyle Credit Cards

Lifestyle Cards are the basic cards approved easily. These cards are suitable for almost all types of spends like shopping, bill payments, dining, etc. These general-purpose cards have low-income range criteria.

Best Premium Credit Cards

Premium Cards provides higher reward rates along with the additional benefits like the domestic and international lounge, concierge services, dedicated support line, etc.

Best Super Premium Credit Cards

Super Premium Cards are hard to get, these cards would be available for those with flawless credit history. These cards have high-end perks like the best reward rate, higher credit limits, unlimited lounge access, golf privileges, insurance cover, memberships, and many other features.


Which is the best credit card in India?

There isn't one perfect card suitable for all needs, as the spending pattern, income range, and other factors vary from individual to individual. One has to select the card suiting their needs.

How many credit cards one individual can have?

One can have multiple cards. (But keep in mind that by applying multiple cards will affect the credit (CIBIL) score, this could be avoided by taking a gap of 6 months for applying for a new card).

India's best credit card in India?

Currently, HDFC Bank is the best among the credit card market in India.

Which is India's most rewarding credit card?

Currently, HDFC Bank Infinia, Diners Club Black, and Standard Chartered Ultimate provide the best reward rate of 3.3%.